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Charles Bichara, Director of Economic Development, assists businesses operating in Middleburg Heights

Charles Bichara and his Economic Development Team in Middleburg HeightsAccording to Economic Development Director Charles Bichara, the role of the Middleburg Heights Department of Economic Development is to help companies and entrepreneurs conduct business in Middleburg Heights.

Bichara's principal duty as director is to foster job creation and retention while at once generating opportunities for ongoing, sustainable economic growth in Middleburg Heights.

To that end, one of Charles Bichara's most important pursuits is to make sure that the city of Middleburg Heights is perceived by the business community as being a city friendly to both new and existing businesses. Bichara achieves this by:
  • Encouraging programs that facilitate the retention and expansion of businesses already operating in Middleburg Heights
  • Fostering avenues for networking among business interests in Middleburg Heights
  • Helping walk businesses through the application and approval stages of construction and expansion plans
  • Improving the economic well-being of the city by supporting growth opportunities in the commercial and industrial sectors within Middleburg Heights.
  • Working with community development initiatives to preserve and improve the housing stock while sustaining an economically diverse populace

As a community, Middleburg Heights already offers tremendous benefits to potential business owners: first-rate location, excellent urban services, progressive real estate zoning policies, and a cooperative, stable administration who work hard to make doing business in Middleburg Heights easy for business owners.

If you own a business in Middleburg Heights, or are considering starting or relocating a business, Charles Bichara would be pleased to discuss your plans, and simplify the process for you.

Charles Bichara understands that the economic success of the community as a whole is bound to the experiences of individual businesses which operate within our city. As such, Charles Bichara’s main goal it to ensure the well-being and success of all businesses in the City of Middleburg Heights.

Director Charles Bichara can be reached in the office of Economic Development, at (440) 234-8811.